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Why I became so passionate about Breathwork....

The reason I am so passionate about breathwork is because it quite literally saved my life.

Before breathwork I felt terrible, I felt blocked, stuck, lost and weighed down by my past and by such dense heavy energy - I didn't know why, as on paper - I hadn't had the worst childhood... I had a roof over my head, food in my mouth and parents who would do anything for me. But traumas were rampant throughout my life.... things I wasn't even aware of, things I had buried and forgotten and never spoken about.

My body remembered everything... It tortured me in my heavy moods and my painful reactions... It kept me feeling as though I was stuck behind glass, unable to connect or let go without drugs or alcohol. It was quite literally hell being me in my body.

I had started meditation and yoga and read countless books trying to heal, and nothing seemed to scratch the surface too deeply... until I found Breathwork.

Even the first breathwork session left me transformed...I was elated - I felt good ! How why?! I knew I would end up studying this...

Even then... I was at the start of a long journey, as I discovered a local practitioner to work with, then eventually found groups and short trainings.

As my life unfolded I studied many things along my path such as Vipassana, Buddhism, and many bodywork modalities.... that all supported my understanding of Breathwork and my own healing.

I believe Breathwork is needed in this world full of so much stuck and blocked energy... we are carrying so many stories.... for so many generations. We are so disconnected and suppressed.

I love how quick the results are and how accessible it is to us all at any moment. A skill everyone should know!

Breathwork for me is one of the most powerful ways to shift our consciousness, release stuck energy and to help us to generally feel better.

Breathwork reconnects us to ourselves in a way maybe we had forgotten was possible... but we can see it in children... It reconnects us to each other and to life and the world around us.

Once we know it - it is a tool we can use at any time for free.

This is why I am so so passionate about Breathwork... because I truly want people to feel better, because I know what it's like to suffer -- and just how good is possible for us to feel once we can LET GO.

If you are interested to try a Breathwork session with me - I hold private sessions in Newark-on-Trent and surrounding areas, online, and soon pop up dates in London again... so watch this space.

Or book directly by my online booking page (make sure you check my availability first)

Are you ready to find out how much better you can feel?

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