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Should healing work be free?

Something I am considering today......

In a world where people happily drop £150 for a new pair of trainers, or spend loads on a night out or football match or an outfit or show -- no bother.... should healing work be free?

By donation so nobody misses out? A given....?

Back in the day, I am pretty sure healers services would have been free... back in times where they were respected, taken into a home, fed and watered... offered gifts.

Also in some cultures, shamans have never charged -- their communities supporting them.

Todays western world is very very different.

In a world where everything costs money and everything is turned into an industry..... capitalised upon and sold... what is the right thing to do? So it is fair... so people aren't held back from getting the support they need no matter their current status, and where healers (or space holders I prefer) can afford to sustain their work, their life and their own health and energy. It's all a bit complex I feel.

This country for sure has it's lack mentality - where we cant afford to invest in ourselves or our healthcare, but we can afford our expensive rent. We can't afford healing sessions, but then we can find the money when the car breaks down, or for expensive insurance or when we devise a new plan... where we can make some money.

This country where Christmas costs an absolute fortune.... huge amounts of treats and food are consumed, much money spent to make us feel better or look better. Sun beds, hair cuts, make up, nice clothes, expensive cars, botox, watches and jewellery... the list goes on.

Drop thousands on a holiday then spend the time and even more cash drinking to soothe the nervous system or unable to wind down.

We are busy and distracted by shiny pretty things, and when it comes to how we feel we want a quick fix, or a cheap session or free if we can get it.

We don't perhaps realise the worth and value of healing on the inside and what that can do for us on the outside. More confidence/stability.... less addiction or need to consume.... more happiness... can we even put a price on that? Well I guess we have to.

We don't think to give someone something back for their time or efforts.... quite often it's what can we get out of this..... and this, I believe is even a big part of the healing.

To recognise things value to us, to put our energy into things that will nourish our soul and evolve us because when all is said and done.... our soul is what stays with us, nothing else.

I guess it's also recognising what money is.... Money is energy. And when so much of our energy is put into getting it, accumulating it and spending it.... does this energetically tell your soul something when we use our money for something that is directly towards healing ourselves?

I see it often when things are offered for free there is zero value... people might not even be interested or bothered.

Then those who invest a lot feel full up on the offering because they did that for themselves.

So it's always a balance..... I feel.... To make it affordable and fair, accessible and yet realistic, and most of all - valued.

So in the end - I believe we should be charged for healing in this day and age.... when money is the currency and things are how they are.

But I will always offer concessions if people reach out who seriously cannot afford it, not for people who take advantage.... I would find a way that those can come, a lower price, or an exchange. But I won't enable those who try to just get what they can, and in this world it can often be our survival fuelled baseline.... I would rather encourage people to start to invest in themselves. To get the most out of the healing. To put the effort in.... because you also get out what you put in.... in this topsy turvy world we are unravelling.

As we all lift each other up and out of the trenches.... abundance, sustainability and self care are all very important areas to spend your hard earned energy on.

Something that is with you forever, that affects everyone you know or meet, and never runs out... is worth every penny in my eyes.

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