World in Lockdown: A collaboration of stories by Lisa Li and other Authors

During the past decade, Lisa travelled the world to escape from mundane reality, until the harsh switch into lockdown changed her life in unimaginable ways. What in some ways was excruciating restriction and stillness, eventually became for her an amazing transformation... She discovered that many of her friends from around the world had similar life-changing experiences. Here is a heart warming and eclectic mix of stories where we try to make sense of the year the world stood still, and bring you joy from these real life tales of overcoming.

"An unusual and very enjoyable book . All the accounts and stories are the recent true experiences from a number of people with different attitudes, opinions and styles from around the world. For some, life has been relatively easy. Whereas others have suffered great hardship. Good read highly recommended." Paul

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World in Lockdown by Lisa Li