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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a healing modality that has been developed since Leanord Orr and Stanislav Grof developed rebirthing and holotropic breathwork in the late 1960s. This was following the suppression of healing through LSD psychedelic therapies, where both Grof and Orr studied natural ways of healing that have been passed down from ancient traditions to reach the same altered states. Over the decades, many have developed different kinds of breathwork and different brands. Lisa has studied in particular - Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release, as it is a meeting of both bodywork and breathwork incorporating flavours of bioenergetics. Breathwork reaches back through Yogic traditions and much healing can be found through connecting the mind body and spirit via the tool of the breath. Breathwork is a fully natural medicine that anybody can tap into to alter their inner state. 

What to expect from a Breath Ceremony

Lisa Li’s Breath Ceremony is a 2 hour workshop where she will guide you into a higher state of consciousness using the breath and connecting to the felt sense. This allows the bodies natural healing ability to kick in, allowing you to process any unresolved stories we may be hanging onto that can effect our health and wellbeing. Stuck energy, stress and blockages in ones body can be released within a safe and loving environment… Lisa will encourage you to better connect with your body and the messages it is trying to communicate to you, allowing for deep healing and spiritual growth. Breath ceremony is a combination of biodynamic breathwork and shamanic ceremony influenced by Lisa’s time spent with wise elders from across the continents. When we make time to come to ceremony and make space for our self development, we can learn the lessons that are needed to evolve in this world and create the changes we need to see in wider society. Breath ceremony integrates healing thru breathwork with sound healing, and holds a transformational space for you to find your own strength, and power as a self healer. 

What to expect from a private session with Lisa

In a private session - be it online or in person, Lisa will be able to support you in the unpacking of traumas and tensions in the body, through talk sound and movement in the lighter breathing space sessions, to a much deeper process in a private breathwork session. The benefits are her undivided attention and her knowledge of extensive methods and tools that can be applied and learnt to support your process. She can resource you through revisiting difficult traumas, and support you with necessary bodywork to bring safety back to your inner world. Breathwork can re-connect you back to yourself and also to others, so working in a private session can support you 1 to 1 in whatever stage of your journey you may be on. 

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