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Clients Kind Words

"Lisa’s breathwork ceremony helped me to release trauma and fear that I had been feeling like a knot in my stomach for months. Afterwards, I felt something had shifted from deep within - and that it would take a lot to bring me back to the state I was in beforehand. I felt stronger, freer, lighter and more peaceful. The group seemed to bond over this shared release and it set the tone for a truly transformational weekend. Lisa is a gifted healer and gave beautiful guidance throughout the process. I would recommend Lisa’s work to anybody who wants to shift their consciousness up a gear, let go of old patterns, and feel more connected with their heart, body and mind."

Sophia Soleil - London

"Lisa is very gifted and has a unique approach to her breathwork classes. Her guidance through out the process of the class are very helpful and insightful. The few times i did her class were very helpful for me. And she knows how to lead a large group as well as smaller groups. Thank You Lisa for all your work and devotion to your craft."

David Lopez - Mexico City 

"Utter peace and at the same time diving deep into the subconscious. I suppose in reality we are all made up differently. Please go with a completely open mind and just delve deeper than you have ever done before. I definitely need some more sessions,  the release of those inner emotions are there to trigger other issues. My limited time with Lisa Li has given me other aspects of my life that I have never felt before."

John - Turkey

"Lisa's breath ceremony was wonderful. She held the space well and I felt super comfortable and safe to go into some dark internal spaces. I'd recommend her sessions to anyone - thank you Lisa."

Aaron - Manchester, United Kingdom

"I had a stroke in 2018 and multiple traumas throughout my life just like most people and having addictions to people places and things. I started working with Lisa privately and in the group zoom sessions in January 2021. I was an emotional train wreck.I had no enthusiasm for life but desperately wanted to live and to create a life worth living and to release the traumas of the past that it felt like I was drowning in and needed to come up for air. With the breath work.I have been able to release the traumas that had me frozen. Today I feel more at ease with myself and in my body. I wake up with more enthusiasm for life. The desire for my addictions decrease day by day, while the desire for life increases. Lisa listens without judgement and explores issues with me with love, compassion and empathy. I no longer feel weighed down by my past and have the belief that I will recover my mobility from my stroke, especially as I can walk albeit a bit clunkily without my walking stick to the bathroom. It's a great foundation to build on and I highly recommend Lisa to anyone seeking a release from past trauma. Our breath is the greatest healer to heal ourselves. Thank you Lisa much gratItude and many blessings to you, Namaste.

Amanda - London, United Kingdom

"Lisa's breathwork sessions and ceremonies were a landmark for me. I had a private session with her at my place back in 2020. For the first time in my life, I manage to "let go" and discover resistances I was carrying with me from a young age. It was a true liberation. I remember her support during the process, which was truly genuine. I also participate in the ceremonies via Zoom. I highly recommend Lisa for being your breathwork instructor!"

Harris - Athens, Greece

"I was participating in Ozora on Breath Ceremony, there were at least 50-60 participants, it felt really safe, also it was a powerful ceremony. I got personal insights about my life and my body. I felt ecstatic and joyful for days after. Highly recommend participating."

Katalin - Hungary

"Lisa is such a warming, welcoming person and when I had my own personal breath session with her I honestly felt like a new person after it. I didn’t realise how much emotion I needed to surface as I am a very emotional person. Lisa will help you connect to yourself and help you to release any negative emotion in your body and guide you and be there for you. I would 100% recommend her to anyone and I can’t wait to be in the same country as her again one day and go to the breath ceremony’s!! Thank you Lisa."

Emily - London

"Lisa creates and holds a safe and encouraging space for you to let go and reconnect with your breath and it’s powers. She is very present and her composed guidance comes at the right times and in the right amounts in a way which empowers you and encourages you to let go of all inhibitions, LISTEN and breathe into your traumas. Thank you so much for reminding us to breath not just for life but also for healing too."

Farah - Dubai

"From the moment I entered the space Lisa created I felt at ease and safe. Then the breathwork session, wow! So much raw emotion coming from within and completely encompassing me. Mind blowing to say the very least. A legitimate inner space adventure, returning with the true realisation that "I am just fine". This sensation stayed with me for weeks and the weight that I had just gotten used to carrying felt light and was able to accept it for what it is for the first time in my life. An amazing experience. Forever grateful.

Ryan - Gold Coast Australia

"I have had the pleasure of sitting in ceremony many times now since Lisa Li went online last year. Joining the ceremonies have been so replenishing, nourishing & have helped me release so much dense energy during these unusual times. I have also had one on one Breathing sessions which have been met with love, warmth & compassion to help me dig deep into some of my childhood trauma. During & after the sessions I have had new found clarity & felt centred in my direction. I thank Lisa for her passion and dedication to her own path which in return has flowed into her work & her enthusiasm for uplifting & assisting others with these powerful tools. Breathwork is AMAZING & will always be a part of my journey.."

Jodie - Perth, Western Australia

"I've done two breathwork sessions with Lisa and they were both very healing but the first one was incredible. Id done a few sessions with someone else before but they were nothing like what happened with Lisa. I couldn’t believe how quickly and deeply I went into an altered state in Lisas workshop. And In that first session some very deep core wounding was healed that I hadn’t been able to resolve in over 15 years of pshychotherapy. I needed to be held and rocked and for that to happen I needed to be in an altered state. Somehow Lisa knew intuitively what I needed. I highly recommend her workshops."

Susie - New Zealand

"The ceremony was an incredibly well made healing process, so thank you so much. "

Jevon - Lincoln, UK

Online Booking

I am currently offering a mixture of online and in person private sessions as well as the monthly online full moon breath ceremonies.
Now restrictions have lifted watch out for pop-up ceremonies in Newark-on-Trent, Middle England.

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