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Private Mentoring for Certified Breathwork & other Facilitators


Private mentoring -- For trained practitioners/space holders wanting extra support & development. 
£888 (must be used over the course of 1 year.)
Includes 5 x 60 minute mentoring sessions online, 
3 x assisting Lisa in LIVE Breath Ceremonies. 
1 x Lisa supporting you in a 2 hour ceremony/workshop in UK. (travel must be covered separately)

Assistance in creating a workshop/ceremony/structuring a session.

**Assisting may be transferred to more sessions - need depending.

***Opportunities for future to assist me in festivals and in workshops over 10 breathers - paid, & at future corporate events/trainings/retreats. 

13+ hours

Other possible topics
For qualified or new space holders/facilitators/lightreupeneurs/creatives.

A creative incubator to develop, practise skills and build a strong foundation to work from. 
From struggling start up to strong platform. 

– I’ve done it the hard way, now let me tell u all my secrets and short cuts to get you where you need to be and out there living your purpose. 
Access to everything I have learnt - all my tools and contacts I am happy to share my knowledge.
Q and As
How to create a business plan and its importance. 
How to turn your newly qualified skill into a successful business. 
To assist you in starting up or building upon your business and making it successful and sustainable.
Learn how to work in the healing/development field whilst managing your own energy.  
Learn how to hold space in sessions and outside of session. 
The importance of boundaries, limits and work life balance.
How to grow your business, create strong foundations and legs that can carry you forward in a powerful way.  

Public speaking training, and much much more. 

OR Personal Mentoring - healing program/life coaching 

Meeting you where you are at

10 x 60 minute sessions over the course of 2 months personal mentoring

with text support and homework for your processes

Incorporating Breathwork - breathing space sessions - belief reprogramming and other tools

For your freedom and to support you to become the best you

**must book a 15 minute discovery call with Lisa to see if this is the course for you. 


  • Breathing Space Online 4 week Facilitator Training. 

  • Breath Ceremony Facilitator Training. 

  • Detox in Thailand with me..... 


                                                                                Watch this space !!

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