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Full Moon Musings : I used to day dream about cleansing my body as a child....

I used to day dream about pulling cement like structures from deep down inside by body, out my throat... my ears... deep inside my body.... some kind of purging or cleaning... it was very strange but I can remember visualising it in bed in a half dream type state....

I can remember the feeling of pulling this stuff out of my body, how good it felt to get it all out.

So weird thinking back, I think I knew that my body needed to clean from something. Some stickiness that I knew was there... some toxic energy and restriction.

Years on I am an avid fan of fasting and detoxing - hence my trip to Thailand last year, and group retreat ill be taking this November (see my retreats)

But the reason I love breathwork is the infinite possibilities that are possible when using the breath to connect to the body, the natural movements that occur and the spinal waves of healing that are produced once you allow the energy or Qi to flow.

The release of the stuckness.

I know I have so much more to share but it's figuring out how to share it.

My breath ceremonies barely scratch the surface of my work, although they are a space to dive as deep as you know how to go... my breathing sessions teach people to drop deeper, unpacking the many mental blockages and triggers that block us from feeling deeper and connecting to ourselves.

My private breathwork sessions are full power where we can really get into more of the physicalities.

There is so much more that can be done, achieved and allowed once we truly get into our bodies.

But the marketing side - how to explain and encourage and promote?

In a world of very loud and confident sales people.... influencers with all the answers and certifications and great sales pitches.

I find it incredible sometimes the lengths people will go to pay and search and look for answers to their problems when I am sitting right next to them, or just living down the road.

Also the dead silence that comes back occasionally from when I have reached out with emails to prisons, schools, other establishments that are riddled with trauma.... companies and communities I could help

Healing takes time, it's a process, it's an unwinding and unravelling of the body energy and mind.

It takes time and it takes being ready and commited.... tuning in to truth and receiving what the medicine it is that we need at that time.

Maybe I just need to wait a little bit longer..... until they are truly ready lol.

***In the process of completing my manual to begin my trainings here in my home town.... if the world isn't ready then at least those who are feeling called to hold space can be. Watch this space !!!

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