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The Reason I didn't stop at breathwork & created Breathing Space Sessions......

My breathwork facilitation turned into ceremonies as soon as I brought it back to the Uk.

I was booked to work at a retreat and everyone wanted to try it so to hell with it, let’s do a group I said. It was a super powerful session, on a farm in west Yorkshire… I felt guided with the music I used - I still use some of the same songs each ceremony to this day. Magic happened and brave souls healed themselves whilst I guided and held the space.

Since then I couldn’t tell you how many ceremonies I’ve held, sometimes hundreds of people breathing at once in huge festivals… All around the world, in yoga studios, in woodland. I love the freedom of my ceremonies, where everyone can come to do the work, to meet themselves where they are at, and learn how to heal themselves. It’s powerful and incredible work and I feel so humbled by each person who dives into it. It’s a combination of the movement of biodynamic breath, the toning of transformational breath and some other shamanic ways that I learned in medicine ceremony. Combined with the music I use and my monotonous voice -- it takes people deep and I’ve even now incorporated visualisation and reiki. It’s my little masterpiece… and yet I am so passionate about my breathing space sessions.

I couldn’t even tell you how they evolved fully… just from working with client after client, I found ways to tap into the pain body and follow it down to its roots, slowly soothing and unpacking what trauma is stored deep inside the body and mind…. sensitively connecting, unwinding, shaking, tapping, ...It’s always evolving… it’s the work I did on myself, and I use too many techniques to even mention. But this is the space where I feel I can do my best work…. And working with the human body is ever inspiring me to learn more, and grasp more of how to bring the body back into balance and its power. I’ve seen people come back to life, things just click back into place and their confidence rise as they realise it’s not all in their head, there was a valid reason for this pain or anxiety... and ultimately their ability to shift it.

Breathwork for me is an incredible modality and ceremonies are a great spaces for collective healing, grieving and inner work….

But breathing space reminds me this work can be oh so gentle and subtle and yet powerful --when we can really tune in to the intricate natures and sensations of our bodies. Less breathwork more vipasana, allowing the body to tap into its natural healing ability.

That’s why this work excites me so much because we truly are more powerful and magical and uniquely capable of healing ourselves…. If only we can slow down and learn to be with our breath.

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