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How to recognise you're going through a spiritual awakening.....

We are in a profound time of spiritual evolution on the planet, collectively we are moving into a higher consciousness. A dissolving of the identification with ego and a remembrance that we are part of a collective consciousness.

Much is being awakened inside of us.... whether it's our true calling, our unhealed fractured parts, our blockages or our forgotten gifts....

The energies, the awakening and the world we live in is cyclic... Shifting with each season, full moon, new moon, astrological change and eclipse portal....

We are in a spiral of evolution into a higher consciousness.

We are made up of energy so all of this is felt within us, especially when we are tuned in and connected to how we feel.

It is happening around us and inside of us.

We are being guided energetically to transform ourselves with every shift of the moon and the astrology.

This is why the full and new moons are great times to consciously take time to heal - to go to ceremony - to release the old and make space for the new realisations.

To take the time to tune into your body and turn inwards and listen to what's going on internally for you.

The old coping techniques only keep us stuck and increasingly chaotic as we try to avoid this unavoidable shift.

We are shifting into the age of Aquarius. Shifting neurologically from being dominantly left brained - into a balance of left and right brained ways of thinking and knowing.... that's predominantly masculine into a balance of masculine and feminine. From being more analytical and separate from what's around us into more feminine ways of thinking and being - more connected and intuitive. Being in relationship with, rather than separate from.

Deepening our connection to nature... softening and becoming more empathetic and compassionate to each other and our surroundings.

In the times of new moons and full moons it is great to get out into nature, to connect and find clarity... or if you feel called get yourself to ceremony.... to do the internal clearing of trauma and healing of your bloodline.

This one is a big one, and increasingly so it seems.

Many are feeling chaos and disruption as they avoid what's going on inside of them. Aggression and violence bubbling to the surface if we are not integrating these energies in a conscious way.

We are being supported astrologically to start to see things in a more compassionate way, to untangle our triggers, to see how we can work together rather than remaining stuck in ways where we are acting against each other, power over/under.

We are being guided to bring what's been hidden in the shadows into the light of consciousness... to bring more and more of the hidden aspects of ourselves into consciousness, to sharpen our intuition and to balance our masculine and feminine energies.

Allow yourself enough time to meditate and listen to the messages coming through to you, to be open to the new energies and allow the realisations to land. Take time to tune in to listen to the guidance that is there if we open up to it.

We can't move into the new age without clearing the blocks and doing the healing to integrate the energies of the old.

We are all on spiritual journeys of evolution into higher consciousness -- dissolving our old ways of being into oneness and the connectedness of the aquarian age.

Only when we have cleared and healed the traumas of the past can we move into the new consciousness, both collectively and individually.

To honour right relationship between ourselves, each other and this planet.

We are in a powerful time of change with a lot of confusion and disorientation. A collective remembrance of who we truly are - beyond the traumas and confusion - and what we are capable of.

Feeling stuck or need a safe space to heal ? Then send me a message or come to one of my ceremonies over the coming weeks.....

We are all in this together !!

For your freedom.

For all our relations.

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