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How Breathwork & Yoga can support your career and productivity.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

We often hear - I don't have time to meditate.... Or even how it stresses me out more, my brain won't switch off and I simply have too many things to do.

This is very normal in this fast paced and pressure filled world, where maybe we need something more effective.

We wait and wait for our summer holiday - but arrive there to find, we still cant switch off.

We cant ignore our self care day to day and expect to be able to get the most out of these holiday times.

Exercise and Yoga can allow us to meditate -- getting us out of the mind and into the body... to release stress, to switch off for a while, let our brains rest and our bodies move.

Breathwork is like an intense meditation for the body, allowing us to clear out the stress and frustrations, allowing us to fully relax into meditation,

So many times I hear people say - I didn't think I could get out of my head - but I did.

And - that's the first time I have relaxed in a long time.

Whilst in life we have high expectations, families to take care of and so many things to do.... If we don't let ourselves rest this will catch up on even the best of us eventually.

And to be able to properly rest - we need to let go of the stress and get out of our minds.

Somatic therapies such as breathwork let us clear out the energy that's not letting us rest and truly meditate.

So if exercise isn't your thing - join me in ceremony or in breath workshops.

When we take the time to manage our energy and relax our nervous systems, our bodies and brains will function better -- We will manage our lives better, make better choices and feel more vibrant. This ripples out to all areas of our lives.

Breathwork and somatic therapies are not just for the traumatised - they are for anyone wanting to function well in a sometimes stressful and pressurised world.

When we can handle our emotions, rest well and feel good -- nothing can stop us from reaching our goals and achieving all that we dream of.

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