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Finally, the perfect Newark venue ♡

Updated: Feb 23

As many of you know... After years and years of travelling the world, sharing breathwork ceremonies across continents in Central America, Australia, Asia and all around Europe - I finally came back to Newark-on-Trent. My home town...

My Grandma was old at the time, it was perfectly a few months before the covid madness struck, and I always had a feeling I needed to come back to heal my roots...

So here I landed and it's been an interesting ride. Not one to hold back I will explain what I have experienced.

I had started in community centres but didn't really feel right.... then above offices, in Yoga studios and even at a boxing hall (those who came will never forget that experience lol)

Of course I had spread my wings across the midlands, up and down the country - but in Newark, I just never seemed to find my place.

After trying so hard with many venues things just never seemed to click.

My experience of yoga over the years had been very transcendental... having religiously meditated my way through sweaty bikram sessions years, sat in hot yoga poses in the discomfort of India and 10 days of vipassana in silence, living breathing yoga, I guess I expected or assumed we were reading from the same page,

We weren't. It's a different thing all together... Breathwork is SO powerful.

It wasn't until I did breathwork my life started making sense...

Yoga is great and everything but it barely scratches the surface unless you go super super deep. As in through the commitment and discipline needed to progress in ashtanga day after day, slowly molding the body into hard poses, or sitting in silence for weeks.

In the west we carry so much trauma, so much conditioning and mask wearing and bullshitting... Breathwork goes through all those blockages, all those layers to meet ourselves, masks off raw and vulnerable. You have to be ready for that.

You have to be ready to drop the ego, to get free, to heal those wounds and find your aliveness and true inner self once more.

So after years of trying to fit, what felt to me like not being recognised, respected or seen... I just let it go.

Last year we ended up in Stapleford woods -- which was truly amazing to breathe around the fire and under the trees, and we will do it again !! But I still craved that beautiful and perfect homely Newark venue.

My space for privates is epic... A quaint little wellness space at the end of Mill gate, just by the river... but my search for a ceremony venue continued.

Some places were stunning but the people were not. Other places promised the world and just stole my ideas. Others got jealous because my clients followed me elsewhere. Nowhere seemed to recognise the point and purpose of what I was doing...

So after a big shift in the astrology, a huge shedding and a rip roar of tears... I met up with a wise friend who told me, these are not your people, just go alone.

So, we went to look at a venue I have thought about for a while, with no idea how great this venue actually was, and it was PERFECT.

So, I have booked myself in for a ceremony in 2 weeks time because I am so excited to get in there, and i'll be away for March in Peru... Medicine is calling me again and deep healing required after the last few months of chaos in this world, I sure need it.

So I guess the moral of the story is, don't force things that aren't working because the universe has other things in mind.

So if you are local to Newark, or you are just feeling the call... come see this EPIC venue!!

I cant wait.

Newarks brand new YMCA activity village in the dance hall on the first floor.

Mats will be there so just bring your cosy's -- pillows/blankets.

Sunday 3rd March 2-4pm... with a cute little cafe downstairs if you want to meet me for a chat and pot of tea beforehand.... free parking.

It's been a long time coming... let me tell you.

For your FREEDOM !!

Newark-on-Trent is an old historical market town in what would have been Sherwood Forest. With much to see, all walkable distance... it lies upon the river Trent and river Devon.... heaps of history, a civil war battleground and many old Tudor buildings lining the cobbled streets. The history here is felt and I know part of my work is bringing healing to such density...Robin Hoods Major Oak just up the road. There are great transport links and it's right off the A1 with cheap air bnbs dotted across the town..... so if you feel like a trip to heal, you will find me here holding my privates and ceremonies (for now). If I can travel to Peru for healing, well...... lol. Always, for your freedom. ♡

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