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Energy Alchemy & What it means to be an Empath in these times....

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

When we have taken time to heal and face our own wounding... We often become incredibly empathetic to others and what they might be going through.

Being an empath in such intense times of awakening on this planet can feel incredibly hard at times... We often have to cut ourselves off, spend much time alone and in introspection to rebalance our energy, especially at the start of our journey.

This is normal and necessary.

During the awakening process - We may often feel triggered as new parts of our shadow consciousness rise to the surface for clearing and integration.

Unconsciously, we may blame these feelings onto others - This is called projection.

But once we take responsibility for all that we feel inside, and come to a place of balance and inner strength - We can almost become a kind of energy filter for others.... Hence our need to limit social occasions for a period.... As we may often feel off balance.

The stronger we get in ourselves, with better boundaries and the more attuned to our felt sense and emotional guidance system -- People don't knock us off centre so easily and we can start to decipher what we may have picked up that is not ours.

Energetic hygiene in these times is super important for us to feel good and strong. This can be in the form of a daily practise - breathing, stretching, exercising.... And attending occasional healing ceremonies, to get clear, to reconnect to our centre and our evolving purpose.

Being an empath in these times quite literally lifts the frequencies of the spaces we enter....

This is how our energy affects the world..... But it's so important to keep on top of that and gain awareness in what's actually happening.

Often those triggered by our frequency can project hard onto us and point fingers and say all kinds of things.

It's important not to listen and to stay strong in our purpose and our light.

This is a part of the awakening process -- Try not to take it personally, because one day those same people may realise that you were actually assisting them in expanding their light.

Breathwork is a powerful way to let go of these denser energies that may have attached to us..... Raise our own frequency and get strong in our felt sense so we can be the powerhouse or positive change in our families and communities that we were sent here to be.

Join me in breath ceremonies across the Midlands and London/Online.

Check out my online booking page for dates and how to book.

For our freedom.

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