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Detox in Thailand

Many years ago I was planning to go to learn Thai yoga massage when I did my back in.... and needed something else to do... I had heard of detoxes, I think I watched a documentary once, and so began searching Koh phangans many detox centres. I came across the Sanctuary and upon arrival met Moon, a local who had opened the first detox centre on the island and who had many years experience and knowledge.

Since then I have done multiple detoxes, and since Moon had moved to northern Thailand to open his own detox centre with his wife lucky, I had decided to visit.

In a village close to Chiang Rai, home of the famous white temple... I arrived by bus from Chiang Mai to be picked up by a beaming Moon.

Taking me on the short ride to his detox centre, passing temples and beautiful Thai countryside... we arrived. Taken to my gorgeous cosy bungalow, I couldn't wait to get started.

These cleanses are incredible, fast and flip your health on its head.

I had been suffering from body pain and tiredness, and ridiculously went to the doctors to be given pain killers, It always astounds me how easy it is to heal by detoxing and also how quickly I forget.

We started with a nice salad for lunch and then after resting by the pool... I went straight into the shakes and herbs in the evening.

I only had a few days but Moon assured me it was enough to sort me out, as normally I had done at least 5 days in the past.

I woke up in the night with a big bowel movement around 3am... the herbs are a super powerful concoction, to clean out the intestines and colon, and support your body into healing.

I was weighed at the start and photographed against my will.. only joking but I will share with you the pictures here because they are too bad for socials lol.

In the mornings we went on bike rides to local temples and along the river, reminding me how I need to sweat to release toxins....

Followed by gentle Yoga with lucky... I was feeling so much better even after just one day of not eating, and reminding myself why yoga is so powerful to stretch and to calm the body and mind.

I would chill by the pool and read my book between psyllium husk shakes to help take out all the crap from my body, elixirs to support my health and more herbs.

I was feeling tired but better, slow but stronger.... I was so happy that I had found my way here and reminded how food is our healer it truly is.

Moon grows his herbs, fruits and even rice.... so passionate about health and healing, so committed to helping people to feel better.

In the afternoon I received bodywork from Lucky on one day and an oil massage from a local Thai lady the next.

Their 2 dogs lovely and detox added to the sense of peace and healing.

I was drawn to visit the white temple and of course moon accommodated.... built by a local artist, just astounding that his life work was to build this temple.

And the next day we visited the local hot sprigs where private tubs lie inside huts for you to bathe in peace.

Each day you have colonics where you head off to a comfortable private room prepared for you to clean out your colon in peace and in your own time... sounds weird but this is a really great support to the cleanse, and also optional but a lot easier than it sounds.

After the colonic there is a herbal steam room to further assist with the cleanse and beautiful sunsets to be gazed at across the rice fields from my hammock.

the final day I broke the fast with some gorgeous succulent papaya, then a fresh salad in the afternoon.... and here for your eyes only is my before and after of just 2 days.

I had lost 5.6 kg and felt fresher brighter and looked visibly slimmer as all the water retention that was clogged up in my body due to sluggish kidneys and liver from all the toxins... These cleanses are powerful I tell you.

I left feeling super inspired to clean up my diet, cut down on the treats and get back into my exercise.... my brain fog and fatigue lifted, I am so thankful to have been inspired to go detox again.

I am considering taking a group this time next year.... Moon has 6 bungalows like the one I stayed in, and 2 family rooms in case anyone wants to travel with kids/partners. So would be a small group and of course breathwork is a great addition to clear out the emotions.

This is being pondered upon for now... so please drop me a message if you feel like this is something you might be interested in, and I should put out a date in the new year.

Fasting and resting the body and cleaning it out can transform how we feel and look and behave actually... our gut is our second brain and I am always blown away by these results to heal and transform our bodies at the deepest level.

Thank you Moon and Lucky, I shall see you next year.


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