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Dark night of the soul, Ego death & awakening.

But what does it all mean?

The world is collectively going through some sort of awakening. Awakening to a deeper truth or new way of living and seeing things in a more open and expansive, and thus awake state.

On a personal level It can begin to happen when we go through a big loss. Through grieving, or big disappointment.... dreams shattered, heart broken... through suffering and loss, through complete devastation or a painful sickness.

Something that shakes the earth beneath us... that destroys hope, or our perceptions of reality...

Then the ego starts to dismantle.... everything can feel pointless or to have no meaning, or we can have a literal feeling of losing the plot.

Everything we knew as solid, and sure -- torn from out of our hands...

This may be a slow and subtle, long drawn out process. As depression creeps in and a feeling of "whats the point" and "there must be something more" nudges you to seek help or salvation.

Or it could happen in a huge blow.... taking us down for months to recover.

Or in a split second like buddha or Echart tolle, an immediate awakening.

Forced to let go of the ego that holds us in rigid ideas and lack/fear.

Some say we are going through this collectively.

A ripple effect, perhaps starting with one in a family.... distorting the status quo... nudging others to expand their awareness, to let go of control.

They may be seen as a black sheep or even excluded from family and friends who once held them close and dear, now banishing them fearing them and discrediting them.

Some may cling to old ego constructs, trying to find safety in all that they once knew to be solid... Creating a common enemy to go against... to blame for all the pain and problems.

Could be a government, could be an ex partner or a parent. Could be a life situation or belief.

Projecting all of the pain, and feelings of victimisation and helplessness onto said enemy.

Rather than taking responsibility and ownership of the pain.

Instead of using the pain to learn and grow and make the changes necessary, they may go round in circles, perpetuating and repeating cycles.

Instead of sitting with it and seeing why it hurts so much.

Highlighting our personal weaknesses, our own feelings of powerlessness and low worth. Our own lack of personal power or boundaries. Our own fears or need for control.

Our need for self love, or self interest, self respect or change....

Dark nights of the soul can drag out over long periods of time, or at least take us down for a good while.

A time where we may feel to the bottom of our suffering.... to the depths of our despair, loss and pain.

Traumas from childhood or life's experiences may come up for review.

All the shadows and pains we hold deep inside may arise to be healed or witnessed and embraced.

This is a beautiful and powerful time, but it can be also very lonely and difficult.

Where you may need to turn away from those you love, from everyone.

Time that could be best used in bed, or resting... full self care, or if possible in creativity.

In a safe container.

Or with support from facilitators or space holders.

Think caterpillar going through metamorphosis.

Breathwork is a safe space to feel what may be arising, to process the strong emotions triggered in these times.... to find inner alchemy and turn that pain into gold.

I fully believe we are walking collectively into a better future.

One more abundant free and fair.

We weren't really aware previously of the pain that was hidden in our bones and in our beliefs.... or how that effected the reality we created.

Bringing shadow into light is the way of the dark night of the soul,

Dissolving what holds us back, keeps us small --- separates and divides us...

Being born again without having to die.

So we can truly live.

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