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Breathwork is birthing us into the new world.....

Updated: Jun 20

Holding space for breathwork sessions and ceremonies is such a gift.

Truly an honour to watch the inner strength of everyone coming to breathe... as they walk themselves through their wounding, breathe themselves through their emotions, find their inner strength and fight for their freedom.

Its empowering to say the very least.... to dare to go into those shadowy painful parts, to face your fears and choose to be free.

Non of us will get out here alive, and nobody hasn't experienced trauma on some level... be it through actual incidents or emotional neglect, feeling alone or different, or just not feeling supported in this world.... there are many things that we can be carrying - but the thing we all have in common is that we have been born into a world that is still warring with itself in many ways....

Breathwork allows us to rebirth ourselves anew....

To choose who we want to be, to take back our power, clean up any of the pain and disconnection we may be carrying....

Midwifes as we hold space for this process, and walk each other back home.

Each one born anew is a whole universe in itself.... able to pass on that gift of love and reconnection to others in their lives

Are you ready to be reborn?

Join me tomorrow night at the incredible Purusha Retreats in Lincolnshire... the last one there until September/October time....

Or if you are feeling to become a breath midwife yourself someday -- join me for next weeks immersion into breatwork on Saturday the 29th June 3pm - 10pm // Includes free ceremony on Friday 28th (my birthday) also bookable seperately. Will head for a Vietnamese in Newark after on the Friday.

Your chance to dive in - learn more - and prepare for my training once it lands. ///

For our freedom !!!

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