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Big change ahead...... ♥︎

I see holes in our teachings our healings and our ways

How we build our lives, how we grow our communities

How we live

Big jumps from this to that

Frantic movements

Scrambling for purpose

For fullfillment or healing or there


Rather than first being with here

Being deeply here with what is and what was

A daily tending to and nourishing of soils beneath our feets where things grow from in due course

In time


Persistently //

This scarcity mindset and panicked rushing thru life we have been os used to


Escaping numbing //

I see gaps in the unwinding

The evolving

The growing

The defreezing and thawing

And resting in between

Big chunks skipped over to reach more

To reach done

To find completion

I wanna choke on this fast food way //

I’m birthing something new for my work for the new year

To go against the grain of rushed and when I get time

To more intentional slow and deep

How healing needs to be

Baby steps that count rather than giant leaps that leave us uprooted ungrounded and out at sea

Paddling with half made ores in choppy waters we learnt too quick to sail

Coming back to shore to finish building the boat

Painting and varnishing and decorating and preparing for it’s true voyage

Born from our souls purpose


Are you ready to take this journey with me ?

Watch this space for next years new evolved offerings….. immersions and held spaces. //

I am excited for the REBIRTH.

And for now........ the last Breath Ceremonies as you know it 👇

November 26th Nottingham

December 6th Online. (the last monthly full moon online ceremony)

End of an Era........... ✨🙏

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