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You don't realise the impact of what you're going through personally has on the collective....

If we are on a healing path, consciously integrating the shadows that we have struggled with... healing for our own peace of mind, self acceptance and energetic harmony, we are adding our healed frequency to the collective field.

We affect everybody we are connected to, everyone we come into contact with and that ripples further out into the collective consciousness.

Think of it as a sea of consciousness.... we are all effecting each other in more ways than we can possibly imagine.

Standing stronger and more whole and happy in the world, brings joy to others and inspiration.... we no longer react or take things personal, because we are no longer touched in the same way.

The wounds and sore spots we once carried now become our strength, as we hold space for those around us as they play out their own dramas, until they maybe decide to heal.

We inspire others by being better and happier and more relaxed in our being... After we take the time to heal ourselves this shines out of us like sunbeams... true acceptance and self love is the most attractive and youthful, and abundance is really a frequency not a bank balance.

We often decide to help others in the areas we struggled, we bring new fresh ideas to the world of what we could do better....

When we take the time to do the inner work - we soon see it reflected outwards in many ways.... the universe seems to conspire to bring us what we need and meet all of our dreams.

It all starts from us, and each ones freedom is so important, as it adds to the freedom of all.

So don't ever think those dark days in a process, or spent nurturing yourself, or journaling with your inner child were for nothing.

Keep shining your light and watch as the world around you continues to change.

Don't give up hope - I believe this is playing out with every ounce of my being.

And if you are still in the process, and are needing a safe space to continue to heal.... well I shall see you in ceremony.

Across the UK and online again from September for a few months, privates available too just reach out, I am here to serve.

Lisa x

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