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Why it's such a powerful time for transformation...?

We are in some really intense times..... We are in eclipse season... We just had a partial Lunar eclipse on the 25th October and with an upcoming solar eclipse on the 7th November and its also Samhain. This effects everyone energetically, so you are not alone. I have been feeling it too, and thats why it's such a powerful time to do "the work".

This big energy really can stir up things that might have been held really deeply inside of us for a long time, in the form of long standing issues and behaviours that have not been serving us. This helps us to see where we are sabotaging ourselves, if we are projecting our unhealed issues and how we see ourselves onto the world... If we are being controlling or have unhealed traumas from our childhoods -- so that we can observe, witness and release...

This is for our own good even though it may not always feel like it.

This coinciding with many other religious celebrations and scorpio season itself -- on all levels can be a very sensitive and confronting time.

If you can imagine everyones "stuff" coming to the surface to be released, the perfect time to hermit in my opinion.

If you can spend time in nature, or attend a ceremony or some kind -- or find a held space to assist in processing, or to create your own ceremony.... Making space for these sensitive parts of you to be listened to, to be witnessed and transformed.

There are many ways to do "the work"

I like to do a yearly "death meditation ceremony" on Samhain to really allow people to be guided through this process. It was taken from a book by Ana Forest, an incredible and inspirational yoga teacher, and I combine it - of course - with breathwork. A super powerful process where we are guided through our own death without actually dying.

This time of year is perfect to shed those layers just like the leaves from the trees, as we mirror the nature around us.... leaning into letting go.

If you feel to join us for the death meditation ceremony -- we have 2 special spaces left...

So wishing you a beautiful transformative season whatever you decide to do

Go easy on yourself and on others.

And I shall see you on the other side.

L x

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