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Why are so many people waking up to some bigger purpose?

When we hear of more people "waking up".....

It means to become more conscious and to see a clearer reality.

Beyond the system and whats expected and normalised...

To maybe realise -- there must be more to life than this....

Than working for the man, and paying bills or mortgage.

The monotony of eat work sleep repeat,

The card board cut out life, where we school, work then pension.

Things that may provoke such an awakening,

Could be impossible standards to meet become tiring...

Could be bills increasing and money dwindling,

Could be a near to death experience that shocks you to see whats really important.

Could be meeting someone with nothing who is a million times happier than you who has everything.

Could be the ridiculousness of news and media and bullshit.

Are we really here to pay bills and die?

Why are we doing it exactly? Might be a question you ask yourself.

What is the point to it all?

Surely my life has more purpose and meaning than this?

A life spent serving the good of others gives real meaning.

Creating positive change, or helping others feel better.

That can give true satisfaction and reward.

Maybe its art or music or another passion... to create to support, to assist.

If we are in a career or living a life that is your passion,

then you will never have to work a day again.

Sometimes we need a shift n consciousness,

a true awakening to really help us to see what is our biggest joy,

Could be being a parent....

Could be creating a support group,

Could be writing a book about your life that can help or entertain others.

Could be building houses, or making jewellery...

Waking up to see you have choices and more power than you think.

When you step outside the system

or see the system for what it is and choose to be in it.

Choice is freedom.

Waking up is more an attitude than a dietary requirement or job description.

It's how we treat the life we are living and treat each other, rather than another rigid set of rules that feel superior.

When we wake up we realise life is short,

we must make the most of it,

and there are endless opportunities

Either we choose to accept or we make a change.

We realise how we live is all down to us,

and what we give is normally what we get back in return.

Life is our artwork and we are all artists.

Wake up and smell the roses.


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