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When we feel helpless to help world issues.

We all, I am sure have felt some level of helplessness and or hopelessness with the reoccurring world issues, violences and sufferings scattered across our planet....

What can we do to help? When we don't see any way...

Well I am here to remind you that there is a way.

Your prayers and your energy matters.

Way more than you think!

By taking the time to heal your own stories, your own inner violences and ways that you are unloving to your self - you bring more healing, peace and love onto this planet.

When you can forgive those who have hurt you, have compassion for their struggles and most importantly forgive yourself - you bring more forgiveness and compassion to this planet.

When you create more internal peace and acceptance for your own journey, more hope and clear vision to your own path - we bring more of that energy to earth.

Our individual journeys matter - our ability to be joyful, understanding, empathetic and loving brings more of the same energy to this planet.

You see?

Time and space is an illusion in this energetic world.

So never feel hopeless, or like your journey doesn't matter because it does.

And your prayers and loving thoughts bring the very energy that is needed on this planet to transform all darkness with your loving light.

Whilst our problems may feel small, or our grievances unforgivable... there is always more shadow to process and stories to transform within our own lives, communities and beyond.

So whether your resentment feels big or small, breathwork is a beautiful way to alchemise those energies and bring a higher perspective and deeper meaning to all the pains we have suffered as we add our new perspectives to the greater good.

Where can we expand our empathy and love even further?

Join me in the last couple of ceremonies before I disappear off for a month - we cannot fill from an empty cup and my cup needs a tonne of coconut water.

In person or online or in spirit - I believe what we feel makes a change to this planet and I will never lose faith in our collective humanity and ability to live in peace.

All my love & light

Lisa x

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