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What on Earth are we going through?

Many of us are hearing talk of an ascension - but what does it actually mean?

The world and our lives have felt chaotic lately - many things have been happening.... there's been much chaos.

But what does it all mean? And what exactly is happening?

As new light is pouring in to the planet and the frequencies are raised... New awareness is landing in our minds and hearts both individually and collectively.

When light is shined onto shadow - due to the seemingly negative experiences we attract - each time with more consciousness, the shadow is brought into the light.

We can gain new awareness due to contrast - where we experience where we have given our power away, where we have been controlled, where we have stayed small or helpless.... where we have been manipulated or tricked, or naive or unconscious.

And so due to the new awareness that is happening -- Earth is strongly purging at this time.....

Earth is being cleansed of all the corruption, violence and trauma it has been through.

And individually we are purging too......

All the pain that this imbalance creates......

All the pain of giving our power away.

We are clearing out very old patterns of imbalance in power and control, lack of safety and security,

Soon enough we become more conscious that we are repeating the same patterns and creating our own pain.

This is why I now ask - What caused this to happen, how do I feel, and what can I learn?

We can choose to learn the lessons and grow from it.

We can choose more and more peace and harmony.

We are releasing negative programming, and beliefs - and realising we have the power to create positive change in our own lives and collectively.

We are starting to pay attention and follow our intuition and our own inner guidance.

This healing ripples out.

We are a sea of energy of course not a single separate drop - so when we change, everything changes.

When we feel safer, more secure and in balance with ourselves due to the changes we make - We can strengthen our roots... we can heal.... more secure in who were are... stable in our being and in our lives.... choosing better and standing up for what we now believe in.

Through the experiences we have been through, and the starting to understand why it was all necessary... this allows us to just take the positive and let go of the rest.

We now can move into living in the wisdom and the abundance if we choose to integrate those lessons.

We can choose to better align with what is meant for us.... We can express ourselves better and honour ourselves better,

We can choose to move into those higher potential timelines that are available to us.

We don't need to carry the pain any more - the pain was here to teach us,

We are collectively becoming more conscious - and able - to make better decisions moving forwards.

Are you struggling to integrate your stories?

Are you still struggling to process all you have been through?

Catch me in a ceremony or private session during September and October.

I would be honoured to hold space for you.

Lisa x

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