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The Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the World as we know it.....

The world is rebirthing and evolving and it's collectively taking us with it.

I heard that there are 2 ways to evolve... The first is through trauma and the second, through grace.

Neither are more honourable... but both get you to the same place.

Trauma breaks us open, quite often deconstructs our life by flattening it and dragging us through our pain.

By grace ~ this is chosen... through free will, to face ourselves and commit to our evolution.

Perhaps this way is preferable and kinder to the collective, but again - the soul chooses its path and neither is more honourable, I fully believe.

So how do we do that?

We spend time with ourselves, observing our reactions... disecting our beliefs and choosing to focus on our growth and evolution... And there are many many paths.

Breathwork - I believe - is a super power gift for us, especially those of us in the west with a web of hidden traumas and programs hidden in our subconcious, behind our performative masks and societal conditioning.

Breathwork allows us to drop into a trance like space that unpicks and unpacks beyond our understanding, and allows the magic and inteligence of the universe to heal and evolve us.

It is pure magic.

So if you feel blocked, like you dont know how to move, or get things working for you....

Or if you feel frozen in trauma, unable to grieve or let go or shed layers....

Then join me in ceremony.

Sometimes we may have resistance - this is natural... it is work after all, to process our energy, to face ourselves.... but beyond the effort, and stepping out of our comfort zones, brings the gifts and expansiveness that is so so needed in this world.

The world needs your exact gift and your exact creative expression...

Artists and healers we all are...

Private session available too if you want me to support your unpacking a little more delicately with fresh perspective.

We are all in this together, and the universe is on our side, giving us every opportunity to grow, to evolve, to rebirth.... no matter how it looks.

So if you fancy choosing to heal some trauma or to do it with grace, come along to ceremony... All will be explained in a safe, cosy space.... and allow a bigger wisdom to guide you deeper than you knew existed... To find the diamond that you truly are.... and get it to shine!!


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