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Spiritual enlightenment used to be a privilege for the rich ~ times have changed.

I spent ten years hustling and busting my ass to escape the confines of society and heal my working class ass. It was a brutal journey at times and I am not entirely sure what drove me, perhaps my love for my family and a knowing that there was more to life. I knew I felt lost and powerless but I was lucky to find incredible teachers and inspiring methodologies to bring myself back to life and nurture a passion for positive change.

Coming back to my home town I notice how blind we are collectively to the possibilities and potentials of life today.

We have un limited free advertising and voice through social media and we have so much support from the government and from higher powers if we can recognise it and use it to our advantage.

We all have so much potential. And with every knowledge at our finger tips we only have to look -- but I guess we don't know what we don't know.

The reason I am passionate about breathwork is that it can give us a real experience of how incredible our power to self heal truly is.

When we heal and take off the blinders we can start to see life as it truly is -- a playground of unlimited potential.

It took me more than 10 years of intense self study, meditation and shadow work to be able to hold space at the depth that I do. I didn't know why I had so much to heal but looking back now I can see it made me a great space holder. And I can take you to those depths in my ceremony.

We live a fast paced life - but spiritual evolution is surely what we are here for - beyond life and its commitments, we truly come with nothing and leave with nothing.

We have the opportunity to practise yoga with those who have practised across the world with incredible teachers - who now bring these methods back to our towns and cities. We have healers who have taken the heroes journey and returned to hold space for anyone awake enough to see it.

There is opportunity for us all to evolve - to awaken - and to change this planet and our communities from the inside out.

When we feel better - we do better - and we want to help each other. We want to help those less fortunate, we want to enjoy our lives and bring joy to others.

The gift of your energy is what you have to offer the world, it is limited and so what you choose to do with that energy is where your power lies.

I am so passionate about helping people let go of their pains and sorrows to truly step into their power to we can partake in this incredible shift happening on the planet.

We all have this potential - each and every one of us.

Are you feeling the call ?

Join me in ceremony - or in a private session, to realise what you are truly made of.

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