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Rebirthing Ceremony & how our birth affects us & our life ahead.

Updated: Feb 19

Excerpt from my upcoming book "Breathing back to life", Chapter 1 - Being Born:

"So breath was an issue for me from birth…

After having a forceps delivery, passed off as normal in the ridiculously disconnected so called “modern times” we live in — my health was a constant issue. And in particular my lungs.

I was born in the early 8o’s in Nottingham’s Queens Medical centre, where apparently pulling a baby out by the softest part of its head with a pair of metal forceps was a reasonable way to get the baby out quicker. The fact mother had already been numbed from the waist down via an epidural, so couldn’t even push properly — drug induced whilst connected to baby, in a doctors time slot most likely…. again, all just a perfectly “normal” situation in the modern day baby factory hospital…. JESUS!!

Lord knows the energy in that room?!….. ambulance nearly detoured to a traffic accident… my dad passed out… then had his head walloped on a bathroom door by the cleaners, (bless him). Rushed and pushed, and told what to do and just doing as they were told, trusting what the doctors say. A normal birth so I’m told — yeah right."

One of the original breathwork modalities was called rebirthing.... They had realised that by doing connected conscious breathing, we would often be taken back to our earliest moments.

Moments where we were at our most conscious and present, fresh into this world and into whatever situation happened to be there upon arrival.

Born in the middle of a war zone? Born to be abandoned because you were female? Born to be fostered or adopted or into a broken home, or into a hospital ward in a drug induced state popped into an incubator.

A lot of my work has been studying and re-experiencing my own birth, when things still didn't feel right - I dug deeper. I asked questions, I breathed and felt and meditated my way back to my centre and found out a lot along the way.

Of course we are fragile, sensitive babies.... and of course we are going to be affected by those first moments, weeks, years. Even inside the womb... how did mother feel? Was she anxious or stressed, addicted or abused. Malnourished or in fear.

I created the rebirthing breath ceremony inspired by a workshop I received in my very first training by a midwife/rebirther called Lianne.

We breathed through the trippy journey of birth, feeling and healing our way back together.

We are all made up of energy... every trauma, every fracture or unmet opportunity for love or separation is felt on the deepest level... we either fragment or numb or these painful experiences.

Breathwork allows us to feel what's there, allowing it to rise to the surface to be re experienced and re-patterned... met with love instead of pain.... allowing us to heal and become more whole and stronger versions of ourselves.

Trauma is a normal experience in this world of experiencing that is Earth... But we can use it to get stronger, to learn how to love better, and to free ourselves of unnecessary worry suffering and attachment.

Trauma in the end is a gift..... as we lean into the pain and learn to heal our way through this beautiful journey called life, experiencing all the colours of the rainbow, walking each other back home....

Want to join me in the REBIRTHING CEREMONY next week?

Click link below ~ On 2nd March @ Soulfire Yoga in Sheffield from 4pm

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