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Ice Baths ~ my experience

Updated: Feb 4

I used to be so susceptible to the cold growing up... Cold UK winters would make me sick... needing antibiotics for chest infections, or steroids when the antibiotics didn't work. Staying warm inside a heated home, and shivering bitterly to the cold. I always remember repeating i'm cold I'm cold... it was uncomfortable and upsetting... I would stay indoors and no amount of clothing would make me feel any better.

When I started to travel I avoided cold climates for years until it came across my path in the mountains of Guatemala.... freezing cold and not enough clothing or comfort, I became really ill and a visit to the local shaman for a sweat lodge and prescribed hot lemon water detox, I had an experience where memories from my birth trauma came to the surface... I could feel the pressure on my temples from the forceps delivery and I spent a whole night purging (being sick) as I felt into this strong migraine.

I remember my good friend Jessie saying to me later, you aren't still sick are you? As this was all he had known... the cold drew out sickness and dis-ease from my body I was starting to realise.

It wasn't until years later I returned to the UK and my partner at the time didn't believe in heating and would sleep with his windows wide open saying it was good for you. Again I got sick and would often shake, and now having studied trauma I could see again it was drawing out the weakness and sickness from my body.

We need the cold, the cold makes us strong, and living in too much comfort and warmth inside central heated homes didn't allow for the cold to work its magic.

I remember hearing about in some Scandinavian countries they would leave their babies in their prams outside, for their health.

Soon after Wim Hoff method blew up and I read the book about all of the health benefits... and started with cold showers. 10 seconds, then 20.... it was torture, my body freaking out to the cold, panicking and pained.... 30 seconds, 40 seconds... each day I would go for longer.

The showers I find the worst honestly, as that cold ice water hits your skin over and over.

Then I tried bathing.

We would go each morning to a local stream - with ice on the ground... I would take in turns with friends to go in and time ourselves.

First try I could hardly manage a minute but it was exhilarating... my mind silences and we would drive home bathing in good feelings.

The more often we did it, it was addictive.

Soon enough you would start to heat up quicker inside the water... 2 minutes was easy and then longer it would feel like a warm bath.

Since cold bathing I don't really get sick... I hardly feel the cold... when friends would be suffering and complaining I would realise I didn't even have a jacket on and very rarely I feel the cold when I go out.

Cold baths are healing in a multitude of ways... I would recommend reading from the Wim how method.... if you want to know. the science, but from my experience - it makes you stronger, healthier, and happier... lose weight.... better circulation,... feel great !!

I cannot recommend them enough !!

Want to try a cold bath with me??

We are starting monthly sessions at the Zen Den in Retford... where we will bath and then breathe to warm up.

Get your cold showers in ready as this is a game changer and I cant wait to hold space for you.

*** A special offer for Fridays breath ceremony and Saturdays ice bath package - check my online booking tab.

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