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Holding healing spaces....

There is so much medicine in spending time in held spaces for healing. Whether we are breathing together or meditating, eye gazing or doing yoga....

This is why I am so passionate about developing day retreats and workshops to really support the unravelling or our tightly held bodies, the rebalancing of our disregulated nervous systems - in spaces that feel safe and non judgemental.

To let go of our defences and show our vulnerabilities -- our softer side, is so healing.

To be witnessed in our emotion or for our stories to be heard....

There is so much that I wish to share with you -- to support you in reconnecting to yourself, your heart, your joy and passion...... This next day retreat at Purusha I have decided to focus on the heart. Something we could all do with healing perhaps.

To be disconnected from our hearts is no way to live, but sometimes we may have numbed out after so many heart breaks. So many disappointments and so much grief, that it's easier to function if we armour up and become numb -- our survival instincts taking over.

When we don't feel what is there we also block our love and our joy.

This next Breath Ceremony day retreat - maybe the last one this year - will be focused on reconnecting to our hearts through some dearmouring exercises in pairs. Are you ready to open your heart again to experience life more deeply? Are you ready to expand your capacity for love, joy and feeling?

Join us in this beautiful and gentle day retreat -- where we will approach the heart with the sensitivity and honour it deserves....

We will be learning and practising some simple Breathwork techniques that can be used as a daily practise first of all.

Then we will move into a beautiful process of reconnecting to, unblocking and opening to our hearts.

This is how we can change the world -- one heart at a time.

Then we will have a 2 hour Breath Ceremony where we lay down to drop in and allow ourselves to process any energy and emotions we may have stored in our systems -- with music & instruments in front of the fire.

Finally a 2 course dining experience with Hollys Garden kitchen -- Not to be missed.

Join me for a day of de-armouring and somatic processing for just £111 in the heart of Lincolnshire at the beautiful Purusha retreats.

You deserve to feel good -- and how you feel matters....

That's what changes the world I believe.

We heal it from the inside out.

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