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Generational trauma & ancestral healing.

It has been proven we carry at least 7 generations of trauma in our cells..... so imagine that !! All that your parents went through before you were born..... Your grandparents on both sides, never mind you were physically a cell riding along with your mothers mother from the moment she was born..... Your Grandparents parents, and maybe you are already lost... Maybe you know of wars, deportation, murders, abandonment, poverty..... Maybe you don't.

If you were to sit and draw up this family tree.... even if asking questions to parents there may be so much missing.

Imagine all you have gone through.... Imagine that we may be carrying trauma from many generations back, no wonder we have anxiety.

Trauma is any experience that overwhelmed, or had negative impact on the energetic or physical system.

The beauty of breathwork is that it lifts up memories and traumas from our energy field, much the same as plant medicine but by only breathing.

Memories and traumas that are ready to be healed, we don't even have to go onlooking for them, we don't even need to know about them.

And with intention ~ well magic can happen. When we connect to our bloodline, when we invite in our ancestors for healing.


The state that the world is in..... huge amounts of greed, fear, greed because of fear, violence because of beliefs and traumas carried since decades.... I truly believe we all need healing. We all need to take responsibility for our own wounds, our bloodlines heavy history and traumas that we carry.

When I started my healing journey I just thought there was something wrong with me.... after digging and much meditation, yoga, breathwork and self enquiry.... I realised some of the traumas my family carried. The struggles, the violence, the horrors and the tragedies.

By allowing these things to come into my conscious awareness, so that I could feel them and heal them.... it changed so much. It gave me deep healing of my roots, and much more awareness and strength realising what we have survived.


Tonight we will meet up for an ancestral healing Breathwork ceremony.... Spurred on by current state of this world... where people would rather argue and point fingers than look at their own actions.

Whether it's history of being an oppressor, or a slave.... a victim or perpetrator we are all learning on this complex and nuanced planet.... but if we don't want history to repeat itself, someone needs to face it.

Is it you?

So If you are feeling the call, join me for this one off ceremony tonight 6-9pm online via zoom.

Let's call in our ancestors and choose to heal and move forward differently.

***** If you missed the memo, don't worry... breathwork will lift u what's ready to be healed, in ceremony we can sometime offer an intention, when its ready it will come.... and I of course hold privates if you require help in working out and unpacking your family history.

For your freedom.

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