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Detox with me....

Updated: Jul 7

After breaking for a few years during covid I was back in Thailand detoxing November time.... and I had forgotten but the results were so powerful and much needed I have decided to go back again next year with a group.... with breathwork included in the process.

Detoxing of course is great for the health of the body... allowing organs to rest and regenerate.... clearing everything out... rebooting the body and just for general wellbeing.

Part of that process allows us to let go of traumas and emotions that we may be avoiding by comfort eating.

Many people fast for spiritual reasons not just health, even though they both go hand in hand but I have never healed as deeply as I do when I take the time to fast and fully be with what's coming up.

Breathwork is a great addition to any cleanse as it allows us to move these emotions out of our body, and during fasting it can be another level of deep and profound.

Oftentimes the emotions are why we hold onto weight or eat badly, then we feel worse because of overeating - It's often a viscous circle.

So the detox in Thailand - now in January - will include Taxi pick ups, a group breath session on the first day to purge and release dense energy and a more gentle journey a couple of days later to work with the clearing, the subconscious mind and energy... leaving you deeply transformed on a cellular level.

The detox centre host Moon offers morning bike rides in the beautiful countryside, and daily gentle yoga with a view, with his gifted wife Lucky. There is a swimming pool to sunbathe or cool down in daily and massages and bodywork all included in the program.. all combined to support your process, set in the beautiful Northern Thai countryside.

Moon, Lucky and their team are on hand delivering your herbs, juices and shakes to your bungalows private balcony, so you can really just let go of time and allow yourself to relax into the process.

Daily self administered colonics (the best kind) and steam room to sweat out the toxins.

Private breathwork and breathing space sessions can be arranged at an extra cost.

There are 6 private villas available and then 2 shared rooms if needed/wanted at a discount cost... all situated in a peaceful part of northern Thailand close to Chiang Rai and the famous white temple.

Day trips to the temple and hot springs also included. Everything is optional of course if you feel the need to just rest and read/relax.

The fast will be over 3.5 days including 5 nights accommodation with great arrival and post fast meals packed with home grown nutritious organic ingredients - and trust me you will never look and feel more healthy once you are done.

I have been a fan of these Thai inspired herbal detoxes for years and years... and always leave fully motivated and fresh... our body needs a service too. Moon has more than 20 years of experience and will support you with addressing any existing conditions/concerns.

I lost 6.5 kg last year and was glowing and I cant wait to share this experience with you.

So if you are feeling the call and inspired to detox and heal with me on this beautiful retreat - please reach out to reserve your spot.

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