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Corporate Wellbeing Rep ~ My new endeavour.

Whilst I normally attract to my ceremonies the healers of the family.... the black sheep, or problematic ones... those who have been sent to shake things up, as a catalyst to their bloodline.... I am of course interested in creating as much positive change as possible whilst I am here on this planet.

This is why I am here in the midlands and not on a tropical beach somewhere.... this is why I post so much and put myself in all kinds of situations and interact with all kinds of people.

This is why you might find me popping up in random festivals and in various cities..... And why I am also interested in sharing my work in various corners of society.

Corporate wellbeing is really being pushed at the moment, if you haven't heard. Since covid people are perhaps assessing more what's important in life. If they are just working and then feeling exhausted - what exactly is the point?

With sickness days on the rise and people less interested in selling their souls for money - there has never been a better time for companies to support their staffs wellbeing.

A happy workforce create a happy environment, and more job satisfaction of course affects productivity.

So considering all of this - and the fact that the government are incentivising companies to make well-being top priority.... I have decided to be a bridge to the corporate world from all of the amazing facilitators, space holders and workshop creators that I know.

We have the knowledge and I am interested in getting that to as many people as possible.

Be it the benefits of yoga and breathwork, or hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques.... or even LGBTQ+ education or neurodiversity training.

We all have different needs and different energy levels, and we are fully aware that if we burn ourselves out we have nothing left to give.

Does your work place support your wellbeing?

Do you think I might be able to help or guide them to better support you?

Have them reach out via my corporate page and let me see how I can meet their needs.

For all of our freedom.


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