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Connection heals...

Breathwork is a method that helps us to connect to our feelings, our body, the sensations and our emotions.

We can be so stuck in our heads in this fast paced world - without safe spaces to process our emotions or to talk about our feelings, we can bury things in our bones and tissues, suppressing and disconnecting to survive and keep up.

Breathwork helps us to bring all of this back together... to reconnect to our emotions, to allow ourselves to experience all the range of emotions that are natural to live a full and meaningful life.

If we avoid feeling the pain we also shut ourselves off from the joy.

Breathwork helps us reconnect to ourselves on the deepest level - and allows us then to reconnect to our loved ones and the world outside of us.

Without connection we can feel cut off and alone, when it's really a simple shift in awareness.

To reclaim our feelings, our emotions, our bodies.

Cultivating safety on the inside transforms how we view and we feel in the world.

Join me in Ceremony this Sunday online at 7:30pm UK time

Book via my website

*****(a special early ceremony for Turkish citizens at 2pm - same zoom code, message me direct)

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