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Balancing Grief and Gratitude

Something that has really helped me to pull myself through this period is the thought of balancing grief with gratitude...

So many have passed this year that its been achingly heart breaking.... Some out of the blue, some mass devestation shown across our screens... some beautiful pets lost......

How on earth do we carry on with so much grief tearing at our heart strings?


We have to be grateful for the beautiful moments we experience, and really seize the day to enjoy those who are next to us... things are always changing, and time always passing... and all things must pass...

Getting more comfortable with the transcience of life and the changing of seasons, and being so grateful for the times and moments and connections.

Life is such a gift, and we are all more connected than we can fully comprehend... every connection and experience changing and shaping us....

We need equal amounts of grief and gratitude even though we may not want that.

Grief helps us to stay compassionate and empathetic... connected and open.

Gratitude helps us to be thankful for it all.

Too much grief drowns us, and too much gratitude makes us disconnected and loses compassion.

So next time we are struct with grief... can we balance it out with gratitude and hold ourselves in the knowing that all of this is a blessing.

Every experiemce, every relationship... so embrace it all !!


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