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Awakening through compassionate enquiry over righteous ego dressed in spiritual attire...

We are in a time of great change. It is certainly not easy or straight forward for any of us.

Becoming ever more conscious to generations and lifetimes of suppression in emotions, thinking, and being.

We are always evolving whilst we are living and breathing organisms ~ and with the speed of communication via the media we consume -- we are evolving collectively at an incredible rate.

We are so susceptible to manipulation via our wounded thinking as we flick through our phones or fill our heads with whatever the TV tells us.

False or distorted media with all kinds of agenda.... or maybe just as bad -- uneducated bias.

And this is scary because as creators on this planet -- what we think we become and thus create.

To be alert and aware is to come back to oneself. Turn off the noise. Connect to the silence.

There you will find what you are... and what you are is what you will see and how you will see, through the filters of your own mind - through your own pain or peace. Through your own wisdom or ignorance.

This week the story with the Dalai Lama hit me hard like a punch in the chest.

It was such a twisted way of seeing such an innocent world.

The comments I read from every possible angle turned my stomach and I found myself in tears at the stark contrast of purity and perversion thrust together by whoever felt to say it.

Justified by how putrid this world is.

Justified by other stories spread by other media about other people who are also so apparently putrid.

Stories that really -- nobody really has a clue about.

I just couldn't take it -- any more of it.

~ ~ ~

There are ways to have conversations.

Conversations about sensitive topics.

Intelligent conversations that consider the good in people before immediately assuming the bad.

Never. Just. Assume.

Makes an ass out of you and me -- ever heard that quote?

~ ~ ~

There are also ways to educate around new ways of being.

Humble ways.

Ways that don't slam someone old enough to be your grandad into the concrete.

Ways that don't egotistically think every culture or old man is the same.

Ways that don't assume the worst and tarnish someone so drastically without trying to first understand.

Ways that are humble and understanding.

Ways that are gentle and compassionate - ironically like the buddhism taught in Tibet and Dharamsala and by Buddhist monks across this planet, silently meditating daily for peace for us all because they resonate so much with the ways and teachings of Gautum Buddha.

Having spent time in a Buddhist monastery myself -- I can safely say that it was the most transformative weeks of my life. Learning how to transform the pain in my heart. Learning how easy pain is created and how. This transformed how I saw the world. Adapted who I am in the world and who I choose to be.

And truth be told, I can see how the harsh ways of the west have pulled me from these teachings... Where I have become hardened and harsh in many of my reactions.

I cried literally for the remembrance of the pure Buddhist heart and mind drowned in a sea of perversion and intense scrutiny.

~ ~ ~

We are all moving from unawareness and codependence to more aware states and interdependence.

Nobody on this earth is free of mistakes or born with nothing to learn knowing everything.

Who is anyone to judge or to feel so righteous?

Not every thing is so sinister.

And this was the lesson I woke unto this week.

Most of what we see is in the one who sees.

~ ~ ~

And for all the exclamations of "children should be taught its ok to have boundaries"

Children should also be taught to have compassion. That compassion "should" be modelled by their parents.

We can learn and educate in compassionate and kind ways and this is the kind of evolution that creates peace.

Not an evolution rammed down peoples necks because whoever knows best and fingers point out who is wrong.

My heart breaks for all the buddhists of the world feeling pain in their hearts over the absolute poison that is now splashed across the internet forever more and I truly hope they can transform the pain in their hearts as Buddha taught.

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