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10 years since the financial crisis

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

10 years ago I was living in London, surviving with heaps of debt, addiction to partying and really lost and miserable. Much like the September 11th twin towers episode changed my life - throwing me out of the travel industry and my comfort zone, so did the financial crisis.

It pushed me to get out of London and fast... What had become comfortable previously had now become super uncomfortable and unpredictable. A booming city with big spenders changed over night to tight fists and increased competitiveness. It was time to leave. I took what I had saved and soon left for Asia.... I needed to get away from the party scene and start a new life - to find myself, and heal myself.

Asia gave me that safety and excitement to create a new life and to learn from buddhism. It gave me a safe haven to shake off the damage of London living and my estranged English roots.

10 years on...

Here I am holding breathwork ceremonies around the world. I had taken time to heal - to meditate and recover. To dive deeply into my past and that of my ancestors. I had spent much time and energy and money on receiving massages, different therapies, reading books and exploring all kinds of modalities.

I had taken time to breathe.

I had finally come across breath work.

During a yoga teacher training in Bali, and was blown away by the transformative potential of this modality. I had decided there and then this was my calling, yet still I didnt chase it -- it found and followed me. Popping up in Australia, and Asia - wherever I went breathwork seemed to follow. Until I finally started to train and took 4 plus years to do that.

A whole decade of healing really. Healing and learning, because as we learn and heal, we can also learn to help others in the same way.

Now 10 years on -- I am truly passionate about breathwork and spreading it across the world. Not just for the hippies and spiritual weirdos, this was for everybody. And I am dedicated to sharing this modality wherever I may go.

What a difference 10 years can make.

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