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1 year into covid......

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

So amazed we have been gathering online via zoom for nearly 1 year since this thing kicked off !!

I didn't even know how to work a group zoom, and was so out of my depth..... in so many ways... I feel I am at heart an artist and a healer, and I have avoided anything more academic for a long long time... so this was really a challenge for me, and continues to be !!

I am currently writing 3 books, I have 7 titles I want to get out there.... self publishing the first due out next month. Staying disconnected from the news for months.... Enjoying the snow here in England, and excited for spring just around the corner.

I'm about to adopt a cat from Dubai, and very much enjoying the simple life just now. After years of travel I so needed this !! I am dedicated to continue holding the bi-weekly space for your guys processes.... and loving how my private sessions are evolving to support this ascension process we are lucky enough to be alive for. How much sweeter can it get.....? so much more !!

Don't hesitate to reach out if needing support as there are just sooo many tools and angles to progress in the awakening of conscious... and we are in this together....

Excited to see this new earth in creation, excited for when we can gather together again in person. Working on a retreat space with a lake here in Sherwood Forest middle England..... with sweat lodges, breath ceremonies and plant medicine... we have much to look forward to.

Sending you all my love x

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