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About Me

Breath Ceremony with Lisa Li

Lisa has developed a 2 hour workshop incorporating breathwork, sound and energetic healing with shamanic roots. A held safe space to do the inner work so desperately needed to transform society at its core -- within its citizens. She has also developed her version of Biodynamic breathwork sessions and breathing space sessions to work with individuals privately. Breath Ceremony’s aim is a healthier, kinder and more aware world -- rippling out… recovering one soul at a time.  

About Lisa

After realizing early on how she was not compatible to the current system, Lisa embarked on a 10 year journey around the world trying to put herself back together from a build up of trauma in her body & mind. She began studying intensely different healing methods, ancient yogic practices & her own inner world. She has become over the years fascinated with the way we can release the body from tightly held traumas, through many methods her favourites being myofascial release massage,

yin yoga & breath practices. She has created her workshop the breath ceremony and extended workshop breathing deeper which is a mixture of everything she has learned combined with the lost practice of healing ceremony. She brings with her as she travels the world the intricate modality of BBTRS (Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System) & is sharing it in private sessions with those who suffer unnecessarily, in an attempt to help people get closer to their wholeness & happiness. She can be found anywhere from UK, throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. ZOOM private sessions also available. 

Lisa Li

BioDynamic Breathwork
& Trauma Release
Certified Practitioner
Doula in training
Online Booking

I am currently offering a mixture of online and in person private sessions,
Monthly online full moon breath ceremonies.
Pop-up Breath Ceremonies in Yoga Squad - Newark-on-Trent, Purusha retreats in Lincolnshire and London.
*(pop ups at festivals and retreats over the summer)*

Reiki Healing Levels 1-2


Bodhi Tree Charleston US

Certified BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner


Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release Method


International School of Massage, Perth Australia

2016 / 2018

Integral Body Institute Poland

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

2016 - 2018

Beta Lisboa, Poland

Womans Circle Maker at:

2018 / Costa Rica

Women's Circle Retreat Facilitator

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