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Chronic Pain Relief - One off Workshop

An interactive workshop to unwind tensions and relieve chronic pain.

  • Starts 2 Oct
  • 40 British pounds
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Our bodies remember everything.... all we have been through, all of our story. It remembers every harsh word and deep regret, unexpressed emotion and unresolved trigger. Every resentment we still cling to, every deeply embedded belief. We can be tightly holding onto all that pain, and struggling our way through life, not really knowing why we are in pain, yet pushing on anyways. Chronic pain is more and more common these days, and addiction to pain killers and methods of escapism such as alcohol, smoking, or overeating to get relief is such common place. Ever wondered why we have this pain? And how we can bring more ease and soothing to the body naturally... without turning to pills or having to pay for constant treatments and massages. This workshop is focused on bringing pain relief through various methods which can be integrated into every day life or even a daily practise. We use techniques that unwind the fascia that is the connective tissue surrounding all the muscles nerves and organs throughout the body. Held rigidly through lack of movement and stretching, and also holding onto unexpressed emotions. We explore tuning in with awareness to different parts of our bodies, and learn how to give there body parts space to breathe and move. We will also give space for a gentle breathing ceremony to again allow any stuck emotions or tensions to unwind and release and share our feelings and our unexpressed emotions in a safely held and non judgemental space. We often sit at desks and in front of computers at work, or repeat movements that bring us stress and strain to our bodies, ... in the workshop we can really start to listen to what it is that our bodies are trying to communicate to us, and use these messages to make adjustments to our lives, that is more aligned and more gentle to our true needs and desires. This workshop is not only for accessing the bodies natural healing through freedom of movement and expression.... But also for tuning in to our own inner wisdom, to really begin to listen to the medicine that is waiting to be found within us. Through our own intuition. We are our own healers at the end of the day, and there is no greater medicine that the one found through self empowerment and taking back ones own control. I look forward to holding this space for you x **** This is part of a collection of one off workshops i will be offering on a monthly basis soon to be available for purchase on my shop

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